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In 1776 Americans became free from the monarchy's of the world by declaring and winning independence in a revolutionary war. There was a big struggle and many people gave there lives for the cause of freedom and independence. Liberty was born anew. We all should be thankful and grateful to all those who battled towards that cause.

Unfortunately, today we are not as free as our ancestors in those days following 1776. This is highly due to the fact that we are subject to the high cost of living and energy demands we require to take on any kind of business endeavor that in our days we cannot function efficiently without while making it productive and competitive in the world we live in today.

There are countless examples of small businesses going out of business because they are unable to keep up with new regulations and expenses, while at the same time being able to afford to keep prices competitive. In the end most small businesses are honest and filled with an integrity to truly benefit society. While the larger ones tend to bring you into a system where options eventually become very limited and prices end up soaring. One would imagine that when a larger business could honestly produce efficiently more for cheaper, that prices would go down, not up. In reality we see that things are the opposite than what the average consumers expected. Of course, if bigger businesses lowered there rates and kept them fairly consistent, than sure, but we know that isn’t happening. It’s only obvious.

We strongly support breaking away from the modern and current energy systems that we consume today for the convenience of "We the People" and none other. We can do this by obtaining the knowledge and acquiring the means to produce energy that will give us more flexibility and efficiency while simultaneously preserving our freedoms and helping to make America energy independent.

"Be Confident with Your Contributions"

Laying it down to you straight, we have the blue print to developing a device that once created, you do not have to continually feed it fuel of any kind to produce the energy we need. That by these means we all can enjoy greater benefits with less efforts and have one less thing to concern ourselves with in our daily lives, as we live at home and work in business. Imagine the convenience and improvement in life and business, without the huge cost and sacrifice.

In the 1770’s Americans said “We the People”. We can come together today as “We the People” and go about and produce and bring about devices that can produce energy at a very low cost, even free after an initial low cost. By all of us pitching in our part we believe that with these (devices) the difference of living expenses (regarding energy) will be incredibly low, perhaps even 100% free of charge to the majority of the population. We believe this is possible and that is why we launched this website and emphasize its name as ‘Free Perpetual Energy’.

We know that in the sense of the word that nothing in life is 100% free, even if it should be, like our freedom, as our founding father taught us from the history of this beautiful nation we call “America”. When we say ‘Free’ in “Free Perpetual Energy” we are trying to say it would be much less money out of our pockets as the day-by-day routine in our life continues with the consumption of energy. So, in the sense it could/will be ‘Free’, except that to start out in such an endeavor a ‘few’ must make the difference for the many to reap the reward. However, together as “We the People” providing our individual donations, those ‘few’ probably even more capable and passionate about this work, will be enabled to make it a reality. But Only with your help.

We begin today with this simple website for the purpose that “We the People” coming together and with little effort from ‘Many’ people giving small donations, we can raise money, that in turn, we can assist those brilliant minds with the financial backing to put such devices together to grant All of us once again much more liberty and freedom in the land of the free in the United Sates of America.

"...the poor widow hath cast more in, than all they..."

We are looking forward through the effort of thousands of small donations, that we can bring this about. Our goal is to raise $3,000,000 for this very same purpose and to use these funds wisely in bringing about these double causes. Please feel free in donating what you comforting can, with out feeling the pain. As Christ said in the bible that the “poor widow hath cast more in, than all they” that gave more, for she “did cast in all that she had” (Bible, Mark 12:41-44). So we will begin an account to collect small donations and begin to place them in a safe savings account until there is enough funds to move forth even more in this endeavor.

We have the blue print of the device which we believe in all sincerity is going to work. Trying to bring a device of this nature where you have to create all the parts from scratch is very costly to engineer and develop in our days, as we cannot go to any kind of mechanical place to buy and purchase the parts to assemble it. This is NO joke, we are for real, but we do need your help, and the funds else we cannot proceed. Please pass this website on to your family, friends and colleagues. Thank your time and consideration.

Please remember that you and all those who support this endeavor will be the first to receive and reap the benefits from your donations. When the day soon arrives that we achieve Our (“We the People”) goal on this Free Perpetual Energy you will know for certain that it was because of You that this was accomplished. Your home and lifestyle will see this soon in time. Please be patience and help us spread the word. “In ignorance good can never arise. Once understanding flourishes, good actions and works must be in place for true good to endure and benefit society.” (Anonymous)

Donations Needed! Please contribute what you feel comfortable with. We suggest Any amount that will not hurt your economics. Thanks!

You may also mail us your contributions to:
" Free Prepetual Energy, PO Box 220443, El Paso, TX 79913 "
(Please include either phone, email or reply address so we can notify you upon reception of your contribution.)


Please note:

Any small contributions will help support this cause. We are also into a song writing business and Wholesale Pine Nuts. We use our business endeavors to help fund this cause. All excess profits from our music business are intended to fully support the causes on this website. This is the Real Deal.

At this moment in time we are not a non profit organization, once we raise enough funds to get a non profit organization on its feet we will file for a non profit organization status. We DO NOT PROFIT off of your donations. All donations received on this website are used and will be used strictly 100% for the purposes mentioned herein. We will never spend your money on anything other than the things required to bring forth this Free Perpetual Energy solution. Top of Page

Mailing Address: PO Box 220443, El Paso, TX 79913

We may also be reached at contact@freeperpetualenergy(dot)com or by using the form below.




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